Green Smoothies

Smoothies = good

vegetables = good.


vegetable smoothies = good.


Vegetables can be a tricky thing to incorporate into your diet if you’re someone (like me) who doesn’t enjoy vegetables. But veggies like kale or spinach are full of iron which plays a huge role in your bloods ability to transport oxygen, a pretty important bodily function. How many times have you been told to eat your “dark, leafy green vegetables”?

But here’s the problem, spinach and kale don’t always taste good on their own, that’s where fruit smoothies come into play. The fruit will mask the taste of the spinach or kale, so all you taste is the fruit, but you still get all the goodness from the vegetables. It’s like tricking yourself into eating your vegetables. Here’s an infographic that gives a couple suggestions for fruit/veggie combinations. As long as you can get passed the green color, it’ll taste just like your favorite fruit smoothie. ea5c36f15a3de1077b0d487c2f2d5feb


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