Orange You Glad We Got Froyo?

I have become quite the frozen yogurt, or “froyo” connoisseur. Some of the local joints include 32 Degrees, SweetFrog, and Orange Leaf. Each franchise has their strong suits and their weaknesses. Orange leaf has a wide range of exceptionally delicious flavor: pineapple, white chocolate raspberry, greek peach, cookies and cream. And an even larger assortment of toppings, from fresh fruit to yummy cookie crumbs. The reason why I’m including a post about frozen yogurt on a “health food” blog is because there are some delicious low fat, fat free, and dairy free options. This means you could have a yummy treat without spending too many calories. Frozen yogurt is the perfect treat for a sunny day in the Highlands. There is an Orange Leaf right on Bardstown Road, you’ll have to resist the temptation of the neighboring “Hot” sign at Krispy Kreme, but you won’t regret it!


Those are some photos from the Bardstown Road Orange Leaf’s Yelp listing


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