Oh My Squash

                     Saying that “I like pasta” would be an understatement, I love pasta. I would eat it every day, every meal, if it was socially acceptable. I think I cried for 3 days when someone told me that eating too much pasta would make me fat. I’m getting off topic. Spaghetti squash, my friends, that is the topic of today’s discussion.

Spaghetti squash is a trendy vegetable among dieters and gluten-intolerance individuals alike, and I’ve been planning to try it for quite some time now. I was inspired by a fellow food-blogger to finally give it a go last night, and I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t see myself replacing pasta entirely, but this dish will definitely be added to the weekly dinner rotation!IMG_3201.JPG

My “noodles” didn’t come out quite as tender as I expected, but it was my first try so I’ll cut myself some slack. Since I am no expert on how to properly cook the squash, here is a link to a post of someone who was a bit more successful than me for the cooking portion of the recipe. This post also has an interesting recipe for a greek yogurt Alfredo, someone try that for me and let me know how tasty it is, I’m curious.

Alright, follow that page’s instructions on how to cook the vegetable. They take a while to cook, longer than I expected, so when there’s about 10 minutes left on the timer, whip out your saucepan. I fed 3 people (with plenty of leftovers) with 2 squashes (what is the plural form of “squash”? Squashes?), the following recipe is for 2 squash.

1 pound mild Italian sausage (you could use ground turkey as well)

1/2 jar of low fat alfredo

1/2 jar of marinara sauce

1 bag of shredded mozzarella (I actually used the 5 cheese Italian blend)

Okay friends, brown up your meat. Turn the heat down, and add the half jar of marinara sauce and then add the half jar of Alfredo. Make sure to add the marinara sauce first because the pan will be very hot, and it could burn/scorch the cream Alfredo sauce. I really love the combination of Alfredo and marinara sauce, it’s a personal favorite. Pull the squash out of the oven, and change that puppy to “broil”.  Scoop the sauce and sausage into the little “bowls” and stir it up to mix the sauce. This was a little more difficult that I expected, you may have to add sauce as you eat, there may be little nooks and crannies that are without sauce. The last thing to do is sprinkle the cheese on top, throw it back in to melt, and enjoy!

Not a huge fan of this recipe but still want to try spaghetti squash boats? Type “spaghetti squash boats” into the search bar on Pinterest and you’ll find LOADS of great ideas. Or try turning your favorite pasta-casserole-type-dish into a spaghetti squash boat! (I said “Spaghetti Squash boats” 3 times in 3 sentences)

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