July Non-Scale Goals

Hello, lovely friends! I’ve been really inspired by a new instagram account lately, the handle is @Fat_fit_darling and she is on an incredible weight-loss journey. She shares about her daily workouts, meal prep, and transformation. She also talks about something that she calls NSV’s, or Non-Scale Victories. They are little achievements or wins that have nothing to do with weight-loss. IMG_0736

I’ve decided to take this concept to my own blog, and set 3 Non-Scale Goals each month. I think that these are extremely important to my journey because I am one to get very obsessed, and ultimately very discouraged, with my weight as a number. Understand this: weight does not measure stamina, endurance, strength, confidence, and most importantly worth. In addition to setting goals, I’m going to take a minute to think about what these goals measure. Stop giving your weight so much priority! Set some non-scale goals for yourself, here are mine for the month of July:

1. Complete a 5 mile run: my current record for “longest run” is about 4.3 miles, and I want to replace that will a sweet and even 5 miles. (this measures: endurance, perseverance)

2. Work on headstand daily: I was originally going to say “master a headstand”, but I decided to set a more attainable goal. I am new to yoga and I may be aiming a little high, but I’m going for it! (this measures: strength, courage, determination, consistency)

3. Post to @redoyourfood 3+ times per week: I ultimately want to get this number up to 5 times per week, but I’m starting with 3. In addition to the 3 Instagram posts, I want to make 1 post for my actual blog per week! (this measures: dedication, creativity, quality of meals in a week)


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