August Goals // July Reflection

Happy August! I really learned a lot by setting non-scale goals for the month of July and I’ve decided to continue this into the month of August. I talked about this a little in my last post, but I really like the idea of “non-scale goals” because I find that there are a lot of other victories worth celebrating that have nothing to do with your actual weight. Your weight does not tell the whole story, and it simply measures your physical body. It does not take into consideration things such as confidence, happiness, endurance, strength, the list goes on. Before I talk about my new goals, I want to acknowledge what I learned from last month.

I spent the last week of July in Gulf Shores, Alabama on a church retreat as a leader for a group of high school girls. Overall, last week could be summed up into one word: humbling. I was reminded of how incredible God is, and how weak I have been. A lot of my journey is based on the idea that my body is a precious masterpiece and it deserves to be treated well and spoke about well. When I set my goals for July, I set some pretty high standards for myself, and really over-estimated my ability. In reality I overestimated by level of determination. I encourage you to set goals for yourself, but I can’t stress enough the importance of setting realistic goals. Goals that you have to work for, but that are within reach.

July Reflection:

1. Complete a 5 mile Run: I was averaging runs between 1.5-3 miles at the time that I made this goal, and I did not work for it as much as I really needed to in order to reach that distance. I set out for a run, and I knew I was not stopping until I reached 5 miles. However, I settled for a 5 mile run/walk. This was one of the most discouraging runs I have ever ran. I was disappointed IMG_4002in myself for not trying harder, not working harder, and not training harder. I realized how quickly I will “give up” during a run and tell myself that it’s “too far” or “too
hot” or that I “didn’t train enough”. Ultimately, I talked myself out of this run.

2. Work on headstand daily: this goal was SUCH a success! I took some sweet sunrise pictures on the beach to show off my new skill. My headstand is something that I want to continue to work on and perfect; yoga is definitely a new passion of mine.



3. Post to @redoyourfood 3+ times/week: this was another goal I set for myself that was not really practical. Considering I was on vacation 2 of the 4 weeks of July. I sadly fell short of this goal as well

When you set goals that you can’t/don’t achieve, there is an inevitable sense of discouragement that will follow. When on a weightless journey, it is crucial to avoid any source of discouragement. It’s really important to stay motivated, and goals can be a really useful tool, but they can also be a deadly weapon when used incorrectly.

(I also went with a sticky-note this time so I could stick it somewhere and be reminded each day of my goals)

Now, moving on to the month of August I have a set of new, and slightly more realistic, non-scale goals:

1. Post to @redoyourfood at least once a week: I know that I can do this, I know that this goal is achievable. Someday, I want to post 3-5 times a week, but I just need to figure out how to work it into my schedule. So I’m starting here, and I will gradually increase this number. (This measures: time management, commitment, creativity)

2. Complete a 5 mile run: I’m dragging this goal into August, and I will not let it slip from my fingers again. (This measures: determination, endurance, self-confidence, self-assurance)

3. Add a weight-lifting session twice a week: I have recently started lifting weights and I am really noticing a difference in my body. I’m still very new, but I’m already seeing more muscle definition in my legs and that is really exciting to me! I try to keep it to low weights, high reps to prevent from getting too “bulky” because that’s not really what I’m looking for.

Alright friends, here’s to a new month and a new and improved set of goals. I would highly encourage you to set goals for yourself, it ensures that you keep improving and that you’re not focusing solely on your weight. There’s plenty other ways to celebrate progress!


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