Healthy Shopping List

Hello loves! I was chatting with a friend recently and she was asking me about what I typically spend each week on groceries, and what I usually buy. Healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive but it definitely can be. I would recommend buying fresh over frozen fruits and vegetables,1.) it’s usually cheaper and 2.) frozen stuff often has added junk. Also, there are certain items that I have to buy each week, every other week, and once a month.

This list is constantly changing, I try to switch things up as much as I can. While there are a lot of repeats from week to week, there’s also a lot of options to choose from. Do what works for you! Find the recipes that you like and swap them for what you don’t like from my list. I’m also working on putting together a list of what I eat daily, so what all I make this this list of groceries, stay tuned for that!

Weekly IMG_4687



4-5 bananas

4-5 apples

1 lb grapes

2-3 zucchini/squash


1 lb ground turkey



Protein bars (I love QuestBars, but I only buy them when they’re on sale)


Vanilla non-fat greek yogurt



Big bag/tub of spinach


Plain instant oatmeal

Brown rice


Vanilla almond milk

Monthly/Every 2 Months 


Chia seeds

Ground flax seeds

Individual bags of Skinny Pop (Costco)

Peanut butter


Chicken breast (Costco and then freeze)


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